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Welcome to the Documentation of ACME

ACME (Asynchronous Computing Made ESI, pronounced “ak-mee”) is a framework for calling Python functions in parallel, originally intended for using SLURM on the ESI HPC cluster (local multi-processor hardware is supported as well). ACME is built on top of the parallel computing library dask and is used by SyNCoPy.

Getting Started

Please have a look at the Quickstart Guide.

Examples + Tutorials

Simple to advanced usage examples are collected on our GitHub Page.

Our Tutorial Collection illustrates how ACME has been used in real-world applications.

User Guide

Looking for a more elaborate tour illustrating how to use ACME in various scenarios? ⟶ User Walkthrough

Want to include ACME in your processing pipeline? ⟶ Best Practices

Things don’t go as planned? ⟶ Troubleshooting + FAQ.

API Documentation

The full source code documentation can be found in the API Docs.


Contributions to ACME are always welcome! Please see Contributing to ACME for details.


To report bugs or ask questions please use our GitHub Issue Tracker.